Eastside News

New Intergroup Bylaws


With help from members, groups and Districts Eastside Intergroup has updated their bylaws for the first time in 29 years!

Eastside Intergroup is the service body that operates as a hub for the five AA districts on the Eastside of Lake Washington/Seattle. We maintain an office that provides access to literature, publishes AA meetings online and in print, answers the AA phone lines and coordinates volunteer services such as carrying the message to AA members unable to attend AA meetings in person.

Q: Why change the bylaws now!
A: To better align with, and support our Districts

Q: How did you decide what to update?
A: The Bylaws underwent a collaborative revision – developed by DCMs representing the groups’ consciences from their districts, Eastside Intergroup’s Committee Chairs, and Board Members.

Q: What has not changed?
A: Everything to do with how the Eastside Intergroup Office runs and the Services provided. e.g. literature sales, phones, websites, meeting schedules, 12 step call lists, volunteers, events, newsletter etc. etc. etc..

Q: What IS changing?
A1: How the ESIG Board positions are filled. In order to be more representative, each district now has a dedicated seat!
A2: The timing of board and committee chair rotations in order to be aligned with District rotations. This way AA members can move between service opportunities in their district and/or Eastside Intergroup more easily
A3: Better clarity and collaboration between ESIG service committees and district service committees (e.g.: Accessibility, Public Information and Cooperation with the Professional Community, Jails and Institutions, etc.)