Website Committee Chair

Be an A.A. Speaker in School Classrooms


This year, the Eastside A.A. Public Information (PI) Committee is arranging in-person presentations by A.A. members to local middle and high school classrooms.  The presentations are in support of health education, and usually feature a panel of 3-5 A.A. membe... More »

You Can Serve on the Board of Directors


Are you interested in AA Service and love Eastside Intergroup? You could serve on the Eastside Intergroup Board of Directors. There are two ways you can get on the board. You can either make yourself available when we elect two new board members at our Novembe... More »

New Intergroup Bylaws


With help from members, groups and Districts Eastside Intergroup has updated their bylaws for the first time in 29 years! Eastside Intergroup is the service body that operates as a hub for the five AA districts on the Eastside of Lake Washington/Seattle. We ma... More »