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First, remember to protect members’ anonymity

Everything we post on the site can be searched, discovered, read, and shared by anyone, anywhere.  So here are some quick guidelines:

  1. Never use a member’s full name (e.g. Ebby Thatcher)
  2. Avoid using names in posts when reasonable (e.g. Ebby T.)
  3. Avoid using phone numbers
  4. Avoid using personal email addresses (use addresses whenever possible)
  5. Review flyers for anonymity before posting them

Most flyers contain sensitive information because they are written to be passed around meetings.  They are not written to be posted online for the world to see.  In most cases, it’s safest to just rewrite the important bits of the flyer into your post and omit the things that could break anonymity.  Sometimes, like flyers containing registration forms, there’s no getting around posting a flyer as is.

A couple guiding resources of shared A.A. experience regarding websites are Frequently Asked Questions About A.A. Websites (smf-101) and GSO’s Internet Guidelines (mg-18).

Lastly remember, even if we have explicit permission to break a member’s anonymity, posting a bit of a member’s information creates the perception that we might not be taking matters of anonymity seriously. 

Second, be local, be relevant and be yourself

Eastside A.A. does not need to be a clearinghouse for material you can find in the Big Book – that’s why we have a big book. This site isn’t a repository for A.A. guidelines – already does a fine job of that. This site works best when we use it to connect locals with local A.A. news, meetings and events.

Use your own voice. Don’t overthink this stuff. Keep your writing snappy and keep ’em coming back. Keep it light and smart.

Third, write for the newcomer

Suppose you want to write about your amazing experience at PRAASA. Remember that your readers might not know what PRAASA is.

So you say “Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly” and you’re good, right? Not really. Background it for the newcomer:

“Every March, A.A. members from the western states get together and share ideas about how to better carry A.A.’s message of hope. This gathering lasts a full weekend and we call it PRAASA (Pacific Region Alcoholics Anonymous Service Assembly). I went to PRAASA this year and…”

What is the General Service Conference, What’s a Preconference and a Delegate? What’s an Intergoup?

Tell the full story. Take a beat to explain things to our audience.

Fourth, give it a good headline

Lame Cool
Alcothon Needs Volunteers Alcacothon Needs You
Pre-Conference Pre-Conference Will Be In La Connor
Corrections Update Correspondence Program Going Strong
ESIG Picnic Maroon 5 to Play Our Yearly Picnic

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