How Eastside A.A. respects your anonymity

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As anonymity is the “spiritual foundation of all our Traditions,” we observe anonymity at all times.

In simplest form, this means that A.A.s do not publicly identify themselves as A.A. members using their full names and/or full-face photos. When we, the contributors and editors at Eastside Intergroup, posts something here, we consider whether we are publishing at the public level. We’re mindful to not inadvertently break our own anonymity or break the anonymity of others.

Here are our practices:

  • We don’t use full names anywhere
    At most we’ll use a first name and last initial. We do not say which names are real and which aren’t
  • We use anonymized email addresses
    The publicly available email addresses on the site are all position based, not name based. For instance we use instead of
  • Flyers can only be downloaded by members
    Want to download flyers here? You have to log in as a member of A.A.. Then you’ll see the download links.
  • No phone numbers
    Okay, you’ll fine one number here. Our hotline is 425-454-9192. But that’s it. No other numbers.
  • We rigorously follow our privacy policy
    We put a lot of time and energy into creating a website and following privacy policies that protect our users.

For more information about the steps we take to protect our users’ privacy and anonymity, check out these links: