National P.I. & C.P.C. Working Group Meeting

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In June of 2020 a group of interested AA members started the National Working Group of PI and CPC, to share ideas and help find ways to reach the still suffering in the 21st century.

We have had some lively conversations, tried new ideas, found some common solutions everyone can use in their communities to help get the message of recovery out to the public.

Some of our efforts have included new PSA’s, public messaging, using numerous platforms on the Internet. We have created tutorials for webmasters, held classes to help Groups, Intergroups, District’s, Area’s get their Google Business Profiles and AA or Al-Anon websites more accessible and available on the Internet.

Our group is made up of current and past PI, CPC, Tech, Treatment, Corrections committee members, all interested in the Primary Purpose. We have created some special events for AA members and for the public. We have had wonderful support from current and past Trustee’s, Delegate’s, GSR’s, and Intergroup folks. As Bill W. stated, the General Service Conference cannot provide all the services necessary at the local level, they can support our efforts.

The Internet is where most folks go today to look for help with their drinking problem. If they cannot find the local A.A. resources, they will not get the opportunity A.A. offers for recovery.

June 11th, 9:00 am Pacific, 12:00 pm  Eastern, our monthly meeting will be focused on getting our websites to show up on search engines somewhere close to the front page so those that need us, can find us.

Feel free to join us, and invite anyone who might be interested. No one needs to be a tech guru to help drive this conversation in our local Groups, Intergroups, Districts and Areas. Our websites can be outward facing and still provide all the information our members rely on.