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Eastside Intergroup Structure

There are nine members on the Board of Directors, each with a term of three years. Every April three of these Board members rotate out, and three new Board members are elected to replace them.

East King County Intergroup Association of Alcoholics Anonymous (ESIG) maintains a website to fulfill its responsibilities under the Corporate Bylaws and the general AA Responsibility pledge. ESIG’s service area stretches from Mercer Island into the Cascades. The website serves four primary functions to people in its service area:

  1. To provide a primary information resource about the program of Alcoholics Anonymous for anyone who wishes to quit drinking.
  2. To provide information regarding AA meetings in its service area. To register your meeting click here for registration form
  3. To provide information regarding AA events in its service area.
  4. To provide links to individuals for information on Groups and Districts in its service area, as well as links to Area 72 and to the GSO in New York.

The Intergroup structure is governed by a set of bylaws that were approved in 1998. They are revised, from time to time, through a formal procedure. Current bylaws are available upon request at the Intergroup office. They are also posted on the website.

Board Chair:  Holly F.

Eastside Intergroup Meeting:
Held virtually the first Thursday of each month at 7:30 pm

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 820 6513 0126
Passcode: 889232
Dial in: (253) 215 8782

The Intergroup Meeting is open to all fellowship members.

(Physical meeting location currently closed)
Kelsey Creek Church

1221 148th Ave. NE, Bellevue 98007

Our finances

The office and is supported by contributions from AA groups and individuals, donations from occasional AA events, and literature and medallion sales. Many years ago our co‐founder Bill W. warned the membership about the accumulation of money reserves “for no stated AA purpose”, and Eastside Intergroup adheres to that principle as a non‐profit entity.


A.A. Tradition Four states that “(e)ach group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or AA as a whole”. Therefore, East King County Intergroup Association of Alcoholics Anonymous (ESIG) does not monitor groups’ compliance with the principles of AA. ESIG makes no representation concerning any group included in this website or in any printed materials distributed by the ESIG.

In addition, AA and ESIG have no opinion on the efficacy of any outside institution or program. Any reference to outside services, programs or institutions is provided only as a convenience to the user of the material. This information should not be considered as a recommendation or endorsement.